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Physicians Hair Institute specializes in a wide variety of hair restoration services for men and women throughout Tucson, AZ and the surrounding areas. For many men and women, baldness has had to become accepted as a normal part of life. But now, thanks to the latest hair transplant surgical techniques, you can have your natural hair back – permanently.

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Dr. Keene’s clinic, Physician’s Hair Institute, utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and techniques in hair transplant surgery. The FUT graft dissection includes a form of magnification that offers Dr Keeneimprovements over the standard stereoscopic microscope used by most hair restoration surgery practices. It involves a high-resolution digital video camera with a backlight, projected onto an LCD screen. In 2002, Dr. Keene announced this technique at the Orlando, Florida conference and in 2003 she presented it at the Italian Society of Hair Restoration Surgery conference in Rome, Italy. The technique was well received and has been adopted by many of the top hair restoration clinics. It is an improvement over the stereoscopic microscope in that it allows the doctor more direct supervision, while improving ergonomics for the technicians, and provides excellent magnification for dissection.

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